I started a blog, and it’s called LifeCard

So what is LifeCard? Well now I’ll tell you, but *this* LifeCard is for general musings, story tellings, and observations that I find worthy of comment. In this space, you will not find me trying to string together profound bits of wisdom nor will I try to pretend that I’m something I’m not. I love my family, reading, cooking, baseball, and sharing what I think are funny slices of my life with people. I hope that you find what I write enjoyable, funny, and relatable. I also hope you don’t find it pretentious, lacking truth, or downright boring.  I will try to avoid political or religious discussions at all costs, however, I reserve the right to make fun of certain aspects of these topics.  It’s my blog, deal with it. 

I will (often) poke fun at the people involved in my stories, but please note that it is not intended with malice.  I’m trying to illustrate a funny story.  The people in my life, all of them, are very dear to me and if someone is offended by something I write, please let me know and I’ll make amends.  I’ll do my best.

As I said, I will tell you the story of LifeCard, but not today.  What you NEED to know for the label I’ve given to this blog to make sense is that the original LifeCard was designed to be a resource for first responders to understand vital information about people in car accidents.  It would house information about the driver, their family, important things to know and so on.

It’s with this sentiment that I felt LifeCard a perfect example of what this blog should be. 8 or 9 years ago I never would have thought that LifeCard could provide inspiration for my writing or for anything more than a funny tale at the bar or family reunion, but here it is, driving this blog. You see, my hope for this blog is to provide an illustration of my life and a snapshot of my daily/weekly activity and interactions with work, family and life in general. So, just as you could look for a LifeCard to find out all about me in the event of an emergency, so too, can you look to this blog for insight into the inner workings of me.  I started a blog, and its called LifeCard.

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