Chris Sabo Died For Our Sins

As I decided to begin my blog, I thought that I’d get into it with a bit more enthusiasm than I’ve done thus far.  Work and life have taken me around a bit lately, so I thought a recap of my past three weeks might be in order.

Three weeks ago the Cincinnati Reds kicked off the season in glorious fashion and I was there to witness it.  The day kicked off with maybe the best breakfast I’ve ever had (Hooters wings and Bud Light) and finished with an invitation to watch the Monday practice round of the Masters.  In between there I got a great picture of the back of Chris Sabo’s head (who, per the overpass on I-75, died for our sins), George Grande told me not to drink too much beer (without referencing either the Buccos, Redbirds, or the present BrewCrew), and I saw a ninth inning come from behind win on the legs of a walk off home run.  Good times.

Fast forward three days and I find myself in the Atlanta Ritz Carlton checking in for two days of meetings and one scrumtrulescent day at Augusta National Golf Club.  It was hot and sunny and absolutely perfect.  The azaleas were in bloom, the beers were cold, and Craig Stadler was waddling down the fairway.  All was right in the world.  1000 miles away my wife and family were supporting me and my job and the fact that it takes me away from home, and even on a day that I got to see Augusta National, the best thing about it was that I had a family at home supporting me.

Side note – my boss took us to a restaurant in ATL called Mary Mac’s Tea Room which, according to my boss has been around forever.  This guy is like a walking encyclopedia of Southern history; like, if Foghorn Leghorn had a child with Ola Schafer (my high school history teacher), out would come my boss.  Great guy, love working for him.  Anyway, aside from sounding like a civil war era opium den, Mary Mac’s brings it.  Southern comfort food and lots of it.  I was told if my company and our competitors were to engage in an eating competition in order to win business, I would be our contestant.  Thanks?

Two days later I’m in Nashville with the aforementioned Foghorn Leghorn for a big meeting with a prospective client.  Things go well, but my 3am wakeup and 1am return left me quite spent.  I barely remember the weekend and then the following Tuesday I drive to and from Louisville for a 30 minute meeting.  That goes well, but I once again get in and out of Louisville without buying myself bourbon.  Then I go to St. Louis on Friday for a conference.  Bad weather is in the forecast, so me and co-worker who lives in Indianapolis chose to rent a car and drive it home.  My flight ends up cancelled, so I get home about 12 hours earlier than I would have if I hadn’t driven.  Bully for me.

Lastly, I want to take just a moment to welcome my new niece to my LifeCard.  Her name is Emmy Marie Phlipot, and fortunately for her life started out overlooking the Horseshoe in Columbus.  Baby and mom are doing well and we’re all excited about having a baby girl added to the mix.

Hopefully my next post won’t be as long or have as much time lapse from this one.  I keep getting great ideas for posts, but forget them 5 minutes later.  It’s like when I go into the kitchen to do something and come back without having done it….but I ate a cookie.

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