Weigh In!

New Year’s Resolutions are hard.  It’s been only two weeks for me, and I’ve already lapsed on this stuff.  I haven’t blogged in more than a week, which I’m sure you’ve been upset about.  In my defense, I had to work Tuesday and Wednesday night last week and Thursday I had to travel all day.  But I’m back with an official weigh in to let you know how resolution numero uno is going.  (That is, losing 3o lbs this year.)

Per my post from two weeks ago, I weighed in initially at 261.2.  After a week of diet and exercise, I weighed in at 258.4.  Down almost 3 pounds in one week.  This is encouraging, of course, because any loss is good loss.  I also figure that 30 pounds over 12 months is less than 3 pounds a month.  It doesn’t take a lot of deducing to understand that the early pounds will be the easiest to lose, so I didn’t take this as having yet made my short term objective.  I feel as though my progression, because I know it will become more difficult, needs to start fast and will slowly level off.  This month I feel I should lost at least 5-7 pounds, which at my “too big to fail” frame, shouldn’t be a stretch.

But there was a snag; multiple snags.  First, I hurt my knee on the treadmill.  Science might say that it’s because the human knee isn’t built to weather the storm of 260 lbs pounding away at it on a treadmill.  Of course, science also believes in crazy things like evolution.  Anyway, the knee put me out of commission.  The knee and spending two days on the road (in Crown Point, IN (!) and Cincinnati) means I didn’t get to the gym again last week.

I didn’t get back to the gym until today, in fact.  Where weigh in number two happened.  Today Josh weights 259.4.  Down almost 2 pounds on the year, but up a pound from last week.  Now I know what you’re saying, “Josh, you’re training with weights, right?  That’s gotta be a result of an increase in muscle mass.”  It seems obvious that this would be the case, but in order to provide a balanced argument I created a second theory.  So on one side; that single hour in the gym last week literally pumped me up.  The other theory is that no exercise combined with all you can eat wings during the AFC championship game at BW3s and a Papa Johns pizza during the NFC championship game put that single pound back where it didn’t belong.

I guess we’ll never really know which of the two theories is correct, but what I can tell you is that I went to the gym today and am getting back on track.  Work will put me into Columbus on Wednesday but other than that there are no roadblocks in the foreseeable future….except Schmidts lunch buffet in the German Village.  Crap.

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2 Responses to Weigh In!

  1. wendel says:

    Using the gym on the road is easier than you might think. I always had too much down time in hotels. Treadmills were a good way to pass the time.
    9 miles today. 199.9 post workout. More than that post dinner.

    • Yes, that’s not the issue. Last week I had to drive to Crown Point, IN and back in the same day. Left at 7am, back at 8:45pm. Didn’t leave time for gym. Next day was time in Cincy, again, just a day trip, but between that and the rest of the work I needed to get done I didn’t have time. I agree, when I’m spending an evening overnight, the gym isn’t that tough. Day trips, however, make it difficult.

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